Hamptons Home Builders Guide: 5 Luxury Amenities That Will Take Your Custom Hamptons Home to the Next Level

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Building a custom luxury home in the Hamptons with South Fork Custom Home Development is one more step toward living the life of your dreams. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom features you can incorporate into your new home, and our team will help you make it all a reality. 

Some features are more in demand and in fashion than others. Consider the following amenities when you meet with our team of Hamptons home builders. 

Design Luxurious Master Bathrooms with Hamptons Home Builders

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A spa-like bathroom is a must-have in a luxury home. When you’re building your dream home, aim to create a sanctuary you don’t want to get away from. For many people, that includes incorporating spa-like amenities, like large walk-in showers, heated floors, and even saunas. Some upcoming trends we’re seeing as Hamptons home builders include gold-toned or matte black fixtures, organic elements like bamboo flooring and stone accent walls, and serene color palettes. When you’re designing a home in the Hamptons, we recommend incorporating plenty of natural sunlight as well.  

“Larger bathrooms and primary suites will continue to be a trend,” says designer Mark Lavender in Good Housekeeping. “With more people now permanently working from home, our clients are looking to get away from it all and a primary suite can do this. Fixtures in gold-tone finishes are becoming more readily available, and these will continue to grow in popularity. While associated with the boho look, these stand-alone and can work nicely with traditional and modern aesthetics.”

Other popular features include:

  • Marble elements
  • Steam showers
  • Freestanding soaker tubs
  • Wood elements

Smart Home Systems Are Key For Luxury Homes

Embracing technology is important with custom-built homes, even in areas like the Hamptons with long histories and well-established traditions. The first thing many people think of when it comes to technology is security. While that is important, there are many other ways to incorporate technology that make life easier. 

Smart security

Most security companies include cameras in various parts of the exterior of the home, including as part of your doorbell. Smart home security systems can be accessed from your phone or iPad, allowing you to view the cameras from wherever you are, and to enable or disable the security systems remotely. 

Smart lights

Controlling the lighting of your home remotely is not only energy-efficient, but it also minimizes effort when you’ve forgotten to switch lights off. Watching a movie and need to reduce the lighting in your room, but don’t want to get up? Just pull out your smartphone. Our team of Hamptons home builders can install smart bulbs that are compatible with your electronic devices, or wire the entire lighting system to be “smart.” Color-changing bulbs are also an excellent way to create the perfect party atmosphere when entertaining.

Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat is a fantastic way to streamline your busy days, allowing you to change the temperature of your home from the comfort of your couch, or while you’re away on vacation. It also adds to the sustainability of your home, increasing energy efficiency. 

Other gadgets that automate life at home include smart home air purification systems, smart displays in kitchens, smart speakers, smart plugs, smart robot vacuum cleaners, and more. 

Outdoor Living Spaces In Custom Homes

Outdoor living spaces were already popular before the pandemic. As more people shift to working from home on a regular basis, that trend is expected to keep growing. Outdoor living spaces often include fireplaces, custom seating arrangements, pools, pool houses, and four-seasons sunrooms.  

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The goal is to blend outdoor and indoor living, and life in the Hamptons lends itself to that. Outdoor living and dining rooms are popular, but some unexpected amenities in luxury homes include outdoor television viewing areas. Whether you’re watching the big game or the latest action movie, just make sure the electronics are protected from the elements. 

If you’re constrained by space and want to augment your outdoor living area, consider a roof deck as well. 

If you’re into an active lifestyle, adding tennis courts or a pool can be a rewarding investment. This is true whether you’re living in the house full-time or using it as a vacation home. As Hamptons home builders, South Fork Custom Home Development’s custom build on Pheasant Lane in Southampton features both a sunken tennis court and a luxury pool. Not only can these amenities make your life more fun, but they’re great for guests as well. 

Home Theaters Are A Must-Have Amenity

Most of our custom homes include an in-home movie theater. These rooms are often multipurpose rooms, and can also be used as an office, game room, or a place to simply listen to music. The acoustics of the room are arguably one of the most important things here, as is the custom seating and technology. 

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Because of the nature of this room, a lot of thought and detail must go into it. Our team at South Fork Home Development can take care of all the planning.We’ll put painstaking effort into making sure your dream becomes a reality. Some of the special touches that can make an in-home theater “wow” your guests include:

  • Custom draperies and furniture
  • A bar
  • Ambient lighting
  • Impeccable sound systems that feature subwoofers and surround sound

Consider Gourmet Kitchens With Wine Cellar, Warming Drawers

Kitchens are often the area of the home where people add the most personalized touches. Many custom-built luxury homes in the Hamptons include a spacious island with marble or quartz countertops, state of the art appliances, walk-in pantries, and microwave or warming drawers. Some go the extra mile and include a wine cellar, a brick oven, and even a fireplace. 

The materials you choose are part of what makes a kitchen luxurious. That applies to everything from your countertop surfaces to the type of wood that’s used in the cabinetry. Bespoke details like gleaming range hoods and intricately detailed hardware are options that really make a kitchen stand out. Incorporating smart-home elements like smart refrigerators, charging stations, touchless faucets and built-in television screens can bring even the most traditional kitchen into the 21st century. 

Built-in storage systems are important to help keep things organized, and look great at the same time. Major appliances can even be hidden with the right combination of custom cabinetry and storage.

 As Hamptons home builders, South Fork is an expert in design styles and can guide you through making these decisions. We can design and build whatever you can dream up. Our knowledge of the area combined with our experience working with now-residents uniquely positions us to build the home of your dreams in the Hamptons. 

No matter how popular or unique your desires are for your custom built home in the Hamptons, our team can help you make it a reality. Schedule a free consultation today.

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