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Evaluating builders in Southampton for your summer home can be a demanding task. Researching the perfect home builder requires time, which can be in short supply. You need a team that can prove themselves quickly so you can shorten your list of home builders in the Hamptons.

South Fork Custom Home Development is your go-to for new construction homes in the Hamptons. Our team stays at the forefront of the latest styles and trends so that your home is always contemporary and never out of date. We also have a deep understanding of what makes the Hamptons style unique and showcase it in every home that we build. View our online portfolio to see our work and get an idea of your future dream home. 

Our Hamptons Builders Know the Latest Styles and Trends

When searching for a Hamptons home builder, you want to make sure that you’re choosing one that is up to date on the latest styles and trends. As Hamptons home builders, our team at South Fork Custom Home Development keeps their ears to the ground to stay on top of what’s hot in the world of Hamptons home design. 

Living Rooms

When designing or updating your living room, you can pair the oceanfront aesthetic with warm colors and patterns that pop. Choose warm accent colors such as sands and browns in your decor to add contrast to the traditional nautical color scheme. You can also make your walls pop through small doses of colorful wallpaper with funky patterns. 


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Kitchens are another great place to take advantage of the latest design trends. Embrace the New Modern that prioritizes function and eco-friendly additions rather than elaborate details. As with living rooms, this includes using warmer colors and natural wood finishes. You can also combine different types of metals throughout your kitchen to create vibrant visual patterns. 


Another area to be more creative is in your bathroom. Here you can add those touches you’ve always wanted such as:

  • Marble countertops, floors, and wall tiles
  • Ornately designed cabinets
  • Brass detailing

All of these details work best with a large window that lets in plenty of natural sunlight. The light reflects off the different surfaces to further enhance the atmosphere of the space. For the perfect finishing touch, place your large bathtub beneath it and enjoy being bathed in sunlight.

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We Stay True to the Classic Style of the Hamptons

As home builders in Southampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, and beyond, it’s important for us to know what new trends are coming. However, trends come and go but classic style never changes. That’s why it’s so important to choose a Hamptons home builder that understands the area’s classic style. By choosing South Fork, you’re choosing a team that can do both.


As home builders in Southampton and throughout the area, we understand how important it is to have a home that’s both classic and modern. Our designs encompass the styles the Hamptons are known for as well as the most cutting edge available. This way you get the best of both worlds: a home steeped in tradition that will remain contemporary for years to come.


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Openness is central to any Hamptons summer estate. High ceilings combined with tall windows make your already spacious home feel even more luxurious. We also prioritize open floor plans to maximize your space and promote a natural flow throughout your home. These features blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors for a truly unique home experience. 


Features such as high ceilings, tall windows, and open floor plans also have the benefit of providing natural light. This is especially true during your summer stays when the temperatures are warm and the sun is shining. You will be able to enjoy every room of your home as they are bathed in natural light, letting you enjoy the area’s natural beauty indoors and out.


At South Fork Custom Home Development, we believe that every home we build should be unique and unlike any other. Every detail should be as distinct as the people we build our homes for. That’s why we never reuse the same design twice. This ensures that your Hamptons summer home is a true original that you can take pride in. 

To learn more about how our builders in Southampton create classic and contemporary Hamptons homes, click here!

Our Portfolio Will Prove We Can Build the Home of Your Dreams

Anyone can say they’re the best Hamptons home builder, but you can’t be sure until you view their work. At South Fork Custom Home Development, we provide examples of our previous work so you can see what our team of home builders in the Hamptons is capable of. This way you have an idea of what to expect before our first meeting.

Click here to view our featured properties!

Our Hamptons summer homes have garnered attention the world over for their beauty and luxury. In fact, 51 Pheasant Lane in Southampton, NY, has even been featured on Selling the Hamptons from Discovery+. Now sold, this sprawling 10,000+ square foot estate has everything you could want, from a palatial master suite to stunning grounds.

Our portfolio isn’t limited to homes we’ve built for other clients. We also buy properties that will serve as prime locations for your Hamptons dream home. 87 and 89 Little Neck Road in Southampton, NY, provide easy access to the water and the perfect location to build your summer home.

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The team at South Fork Custom Home Development are your perfect builders in Southampton and the surrounding area. We build homes that provide you with the newest trends and styles to ensure that they will always be contemporary. Our homes are also built with the Hamptons’ rich architectural heritage in mind so that yours will always be a classic. You can view our work on our online portfolio to learn the South Fork style and what we can provide for you.


At South Fork, we specialize in conceiving, designing, and developing custom homes with distinct attention to detail and quality of life. If you’re ready to begin building the home of your dreams with a builder that prioritizes luxury, satisfaction, and style call us today at (631) 204-8184 or schedule your one-on-one consultation here.

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